In Memory of Mark Cascia

We have lost another friend of ours suddenly. Mark was recovering from recent surgery and was well on his way to recovery when he was taken due to an accident. We were even getting ready to start shooting pool again. Mark had special talent in the game, and became known as 'The Protractor'. He loved his bank shots and worked the table like a carpenter working the angles on a mitre box. The Boyzz will forever miss the weekly get togethers and his attempts to have us watch some of the weirdest video ever produced. I think he was the only consumer of 'Something Weird' video productions, as well as the 50's Jazz and Rock he enjoyed. I'm playing the last tape he gave me a few weeks ago in memory of him. At least now Ralphie has someone to hang out with. When you see him Mark, get us on the conference call so we can bullshit like the old days. 'Later boy ...'

May God Bless Mark and his family during this very difficult time.

You were a friend and you will be missed by many

The Boyzz will forever miss you my friend






















































































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