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Polling @ The Musings

Where you get to express yourself


9/5/09 8/25/09 5/12/09
Are you planning to get vaccinated against the H1N1 virus (also known as swine flu) this fall?
Are you kidding ?
Who Cares ?
Never Forget Jacks Musings
Overall, how would you rate Obama as president?
Who Cares ?
Never Forget Jacks Musings
Who's your American Idol ?
Kris Allen
Adam Lambert
Danny Gokey
Who cares ?
Never Forget Jacks Musings
4/22/09 4/6/09 3/26/09
Have you once called the Triboro bridge the RFK bridge ?
Yes, we needed this
No, it's the Triboro
Who's RFK ?
Who Cares ?
Never Forget Jack's Musings
Are you a Yankee or Mets fan ?
Who Cares ?
Never Forget Jack's Musings
Should 1 World Trade Center keep the Freedom Tower name ?
Absolutely, we must never forget
Enough time has passed, we must move on
Whatever THEY do, I will ALWAYS call it the Freedom Tower
Who cares ?
Never Forget Jack's Musings
3/7/09 2/3/09 12/27/08
How do you rate President Obama's Performance so far ?
He's doing a great job, so happy I voted for him
What have we gotten ourselves into with this man ?
I don't mind paying for someone else's mortgage and mistakes
In 40 days he halved the tax paying Americans wealth, what's not to love ?
Hugo Chavez likes him, why not me ?
Who cares ?
Never Forget Jack's Musings
What should they call the new Mets stadium
Shea Stadium
Citizens Field
Jackie Robinson Stadium
Field of Musings
Who Cares
Jacks Musings Never Forget
Should Obama be constitutionally eligible to be president, and if not, should an exception be made to allow him to be president ?
Yes, no exception
Yes, make exception
No, yes make exception
Who cares
Never Forget Jacks Musings
11/1/08 11/27/08 11/30/08
Who are you voting for ?
John McCain
Barack H Obama
Ron Paul
Jack Leone
Who Cares ?
Never Forget JacksMusings

Are you glad my site is back at this location
Yes Jack, I am
Not really, Wordpress was OK
Who cares ?
Jacks Musings Never Forget
This Christmas are you spending
More than last year
Less than last year
About the same
Who cares ?
Never Forget Jacks Musings
4/9/08 3/18/08 3/18/08
Is the headless dead guy fake ?
Yes, even the blood looks fake
No, it shows what happens when you run from the man
Who cares, even a dead fake perp is a good thing
Never Forget JacksMusings
How many years has Jack's Musings been around ?
10 years
29 years
9 years
12 years
4 years; 3 mos; 62 days
Who cares ?
Never Forget JacksMusings
Did Barack Obama's Philadelphia speech help him ?
Yes - watch out Hillary
No - he's toast
No Change
Who Cares ?
Never Forget JacksMusings


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